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Portrait of David B. Allen in his "whites" or winter uniform posed in the same position as the "Ski Trooper" cover of the Saturday Evening Post. He is crouching close to the ground and carrying a knapsack with a white cover, a rifle and is holding…

Illustrated map of Colorado featuring drawings of landmarks and indigenous flora and fauna to identify the region and provide visual interest.

A3 Hale Harvest Fest.pdf
Announcement in the Camp Hale newspaper for the Camp's Harvest Festival to be held in the autumn of 1943. The article advertises a rally, various games and concessions, and a dance among other activities.

A4 Hale High Lights.pdf
Chronology of Camp Hale's existence featured in the last installment of the Camp Hale Ski-Zette. High points in the camp's history, as pulled from other articles in the newspaper's two year history are listed.

B5 Hale Consruction.pdf
Description of the life of a native Colorado workman on the construction team during the building process of Camp Hale in the Pando Valley.

Letter from Camp Hale Commander, Leutenant Colonel J. A. Chase, to his soldiers upon the closing of Camp Hale at the end of the war. The note was published in the last issue of the Camp Hale Ski-Zette and thanks the soldiers for their participation…

View of barracks at Camp Hale, Colorado, which was the training headquarters of the Tenth Mountain Division from 1943-1944. Beyond the barracks is a view of the rifle range.

Still from the Warner Brothers film: "The Fighting Mountaineers." Fifty Tenth Mountain Division ski troopers during training practice forming a column of twos. One line of men occupies a hill in the foreground; another group occupies a hill in the…

A chow line near Camp Hale, Colorado. The tables serving food are set up in the snow. Seven Tenth Mountain Division soldiers are serving food and three are getting food. A many other soldiers are standing back from the serving area. A table with…

D.2 Newspaper.pdf
A 2002 article discussing Camp Hale ordnance (mines and unexploded munitions) and the length of time it will take officials to clean it all up. The nationwide cleanup program is described as underfunded, which could cause serious delays in recovering…
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