This exhibit was created as part of the graduate course "Digital Libraries" in the Library and Information Science program at the University of Denver in Fall 2015 by:
Alyx Campbell
Emily Dommermuth
Emily Kintigh
Tanya Prax
Renate Robey
Jamie Taylor
Instructor: Krystyna Matusiak

Our chosen topic for the digital collection project was The 10th Mountain Division- Camp Hale. The 10th Mountain Division was a mountain warfare unit that primarily fought on skis. Camp Hale was one of their training sites and is located in Colorado. Our goals with this exhibit were to bring about awareness of the 10th Mountain Division and their connection to Colorado, explore different perspectives of this particular warfare unit, and give wide access to a curated digital exhibit that represents a unique part of Colorado history. We strived to demonstrate the variety of perspectives of Camp Hale through a variation of digital objects and content that will be engaging for all types of users: images, newspaper articles, videos, maps, and text.

For further information, please contact alyx.campbell@du.edu.