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Six Tenth Mountain Division soldiers pose for a picture while having a "leg show." All have their pant legs raised to above the knee and pose like dancers in a chorus-line with their right foot forward. All are wearing dress uniforms and wearing…

A chow line near Camp Hale, Colorado. The tables serving food are set up in the snow. Seven Tenth Mountain Division soldiers are serving food and three are getting food. A many other soldiers are standing back from the serving area. A table with…

Ralph Bromighan, a member of the 10th Mountain Division 3rd Battalion 86th Regiment, skis possibly in Colorado. He wears a cap,goggles, and a sweater.

View of barracks at Camp Hale, Colorado, which was the training headquarters of the Tenth Mountain Division from 1943-1944. Beyond the barracks is a view of the rifle range.

Blueprint for the physical layout of Camp Hale during its construction.

View of a Denver and Rio Grande Western train near Camp Hale (Eagle County), Colorado. Shows barracks at the base of a mountain. The train is pulled by locomotive 3618.

Pando, During Camp Hale Construction
A view of the railroad depot and box cars at Pando (Eagle County), Colorado. People stand near railroad tracks as a Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company locomotive approaches the depot. The ground is covered in snow.

Portrait of David B. Allen in his "whites" or winter uniform posed in the same position as the "Ski Trooper" cover of the Saturday Evening Post. He is crouching close to the ground and carrying a knapsack with a white cover, a rifle and is holding…

Photograph of Tenth Mountain Division soldier, William Putnam in silhouette rappelling down a cliff near Camp Carson, Colorado.

Still from the Warner Brothers film: "The Fighting Mountaineers." Fifty Tenth Mountain Division ski troopers during training practice forming a column of twos. One line of men occupies a hill in the foreground; another group occupies a hill in the…
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